Aug 10, 2020

BigBlueButton .NET API released

go ahead to github repo:


No Feature status
1. basic api executions
2. sample console client app
3. first release
4. demo app 🚧

created by Nitin Sawant

Installation instructions

BigBlueButton requires Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit


you need to create "A" record in your DNS zone file and point it to your static IP address of server e.g.

A bbb

above record makes pointing to your ubuntu server


SSH to your ubuntu server, login as root user

Install BBB using following command

sudo wget -qO- | sudo bash -s -- -w -v xenial-22 -a -w -g -s -e

create admin account for greenlight

cd ~/greenlight sudo docker exec greenlight-v2 bundle exec rake user:create["Admin","","N00b@yourpasswd","admin"]

then you can move on to for greenlight UI

get secret

bbb-conf --secret

you need to put this secret in the ClsBigBlueButton.cs set the StrSalt property and you're good to go using this API

to renew the certificates(when your free SSL cert expires)

certbot renew

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