Feb 18, 2021

C#: Get current time in any timezone

 Add reference to nuget package "NodaTime"

        public static DateTime ConvertToTimeZoneFromUtc(DateTime utcDateTime, string timezone= "Europe/Istanbul")
            var easternTimeZone = DateTimeZoneProviders.Tzdb[timezone];
            return Instant.FromDateTimeUtc(utcDateTime)



 var date = ConvertToTimeZoneFromUtc(DateTime.Now.ToUniversalTime());

Feb 12, 2021

Change openwrt luci web ui port on your router

To change openwrt luci web ui port on your router having openwrt.

Open Winscp (https://winscp.net/eng/download.php)

Go to `Session` => `New Session` menu


Select File protocol: SCP

Enter Host name:

Port Number: 22

User name: root


Hit `Login` button

Then navigate to `/etc/config`


 Open the uhttpd file in Notepad


 Change the “:80” and “:443” to your desired ports, in following config I have changed the http port to “801” and https port to “4431”

In notepad, go to file => save menu

Close notepad and restart your router.

Now you can access the LUCI web interface on port 801