Jul 19, 2019

VS 2019: Xamarin pairing with Mac - could not obtain ssh fingerprint

While pairing Xamarin visual studio with Mac PC if you get error "could not obtain ssh fingerprint"

Edit the ssh_config file to add port 22 as follows:

Copy ssh config file to desktop using following command in Macintosh terminal: 
cp /etc/ssh/ssh_config "$HOME/Desktop/"
Edit the config file, add text at end of file
Port 22
Save the ssh_config file.
Copy the file back to original directory: 
sudo cp "$HOME/Desktop/ssh_config" /etc/ssh/ssh_config
Restart the Mac,
now you will be able to pair visual studio with Macintosh PC for building xamarin ios application.
workaround 2 open vs code and open user folder in it, go to .ssh dir 1- Copy the content of file C:\Users\xx\AppData\Local\Xamarin\MonoTouch\id_rsa.pub 2- Paste it into mac ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in a New Line

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