Jan 28, 2023

Lifetime unlimited money through manual SWP in mutual funds

The ₹1 lac example:

  1. Invest a lump sum in multiple high performing equity mutual fund e.g. ₹1lac
  2. Wait for 1+ year - yea! Let it grow for sometime
  3. Withdraw ₹1k per month on a fixed date (to minimize loss: withdraw only if mutual fund returns are greater than or equal to 13%)

More realistic example

Suppose you have ₹1k society maintainance bill:

Real-Time excel calculations

With initial investment of ₹1,00,000
Here you can see I have withdrawed ₹1,64,759 in 10 years
and still ₹87,361 is remaining in the account
If you keep withdrawing infinitely still money remains in the account
Download Withdrawl plan


  1. mutual funds are subject to market risks, market down huwa to samjho paisa gaya
  2. works well if you choose the right mutual fund and start SWP after one year.
  3. Most trading/mutual fund platforms do not allow auto SWP of mutual funds, here's BSE circular https://www.bseindia.com/markets/MarketInfo/DispNewNoticesCirculars.aspx?page=20220713-1. Hence manual SWP needs to be done.
  4. its just a theory, try at your own risk


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