Apr 13, 2019

Toptal Talent pool

Working as a freelance developer gives a lot of flexibility, Going to office by travelling through heavy traffic is thing of past, The Toptal network allows software engineers to work remotely from home.

Toptal is a giant talent aggregator where freelance web developers, designers, writers and marketing professionals create their profile and the clients hire only the top freelancers

It's been 9 years I am working as a full time developer, To travel to the office I spend 1.5 up + 1.5 down  = 3 hours, If I chose to do full time freelance work from home then I can dedicate this time to being with family or do something productive. Till now I have worked on many freelance projects on the site upwork.com and it is cool to work that way. 

I have vast industry experience such as healthcare, finance, real estate, ecommerce etc and As a highly motivated result oriented software professional with the enthusiasm to accept new challenges and being a top developer, the opportunity to work as a software engineer at Toptal interests me considerably.